How To Stop Panic Attacks

Are you wondering how to stop panic attacks?

Here are 3 proven techniques and remedies to fight back panic attacks.


Good examples of medicines in this category are Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin. They are known as highly effective remedies among all. It shouldn’t take benzodiazepines more than 20 to 25 minutes to show results.

They were found effective against even most severe cases of panic attacks. These medicines sometimes gets you feeling tired. But eventually most people get used to it.

Avoid chaotic/tense places

While most people try to know how to stop panic attacks, they hardly feel that avoidance could do wonders. Though it doesn’t sound like anything special, it’s among the proven shields against panic attacks.

Try and stay away from crowds, pull over on a safer corner of the road as you drive, and avoid strenuous work out routines. They are often recommended by doctors since they put your panic attack to the back gear.

Nonetheless, if not done in the right way, this might result into agoraphobia – which involves a avoidance activities resulting from panic fears. So avoidance is not to be taken to the extreme.

Relaxation Techniques

Try some relaxation techniques. Though you do not have to go “cold turkey,” it is good to swap your existing tense thoughts with milder and peaceful thoughts and imaginations. That is why you should try to master the arts of relaxation and/or meditation techniques. The object of these techniques is to take you through mild distractions.

For instance, your relaxation techniques should reward you with the relaxation of the following types:
1.    Abdominal Breathing,
2.    Sensation Focusing,
3.    Counting of Permission Breath.

You can go through more details about these cognitive-behavioral techniques if you wish. There are tons of resources in the internet. One more thing to remember her is that relaxation techniques are all about going slow and steady.

They do not give you the most apparent results to start with, but as you master the art of it, you get to see solid results that have no looking back!

Thought Restructuring

Though mentioned in under a separate point, it actually is one of the most widely used coping techniques of all. It involves a special kind of journaling. You’re supposed to do it on paper. You should get results with 10-minute sessions per day. This has to be continued for one to two weeks. It is also known as talking back (responding positively) to your thoughts.

As you’re trying to figure out how to stop panic attacks, these 3 tips do not cover all aspects. These techniques are meant to give you orientations of the choice available. It is better to integrate experts’ help on this.