Xanax Dosage

Xanax, whose generic name is Alprazolam is the most commonly prescribed medicine for nervous and anxiety problems. It is a central nervous system depressant.

However, the Xanax dosage prescribed by the doctor isstrictly on a per incident basis and depends entirely on the nature of the patient. Various factors like the age of the patient, his past medical history, medications he is consuming etc play a major role in this. It is very crucialthat a patient follows the instructions of the doctor very clearly, because the side effects of this medication can prove even fatal to your life.

It is an efficient medication for panic and anxiety disorders. Normally, a doctor would prescribe three tablets a day which would amount to 0.5mg. It can be consumed each in the day, afternoon and at night. It is entirely up to the doctor to increase the dosage of this medication, if he feels that the prescribed dosage fails to control the anxiety problem. Only an experienced doctor can know the dosage that would be best for the patient.

It should be noted that the dosage for elder people is quite different; hence they might suffer from other diseases as well. Their dosage is limited to 0.25mg and they should take it only two times a day.

It has been observed that doctors prescribe higher dosage of Xanax for people who are suffering from panic disorders than for people with anxiety disorders. Since this is a very dangerous job, most doctors prefer to start small. They can observe the patient for considerable changes and if they find it satisfactory, they will gradually increase the dose.

The patient should be aware of the life threatening nature of this drug. The body should be given time to get accustomed to this drug. The maximum dosage for any adult at any given time should not exceed 4 mg and this is entirely at the discretion of the medical practitioner.